Do not visit new construction model Home sites without your own Buyer Realtor Representative along for the FIRST VISIT. There is no advantage to attempting to take on and negotiate with the Builder staff alone. As a Buyer representative will will help you at ZERO cost for services. The builder will pay the commission for you. Our negotiation skills and know how to deal with site agents is superior.


Most Buyers do not understand that you have a right to have your own representation at a new home model site. The builder has a set price on the homes for sale. The commission is already built into that cost.  The builder gets a “blanket”appraisal for his model homes. This means he has a base price for each model. The price will adjust upward depending on the upgrades a buyer chooses.

Having your own Realtor to represent you in negotiation of contracts and forms is imperative. We have knowledge of local contracts, laws and guidelines in such transaction. We are well trained and versed on construction quality, finishes, site selection, upgrade costs and valuation of Las Vegas area property.

In addition we can list your current home for sale on MLS and secure a qualified buyer . Many homebuilders will NOT take contingency contracts unless you have your home on the local market.

As friendly as they can be, do not mistake the sale site staff to have your best interest at heart. They work strictly for the Home builder/Seller. They are required by law to have you sign agency forms disclosing this fact. The problem comes in as it is not done until time of contract when it is to late to bring in your own representative after The first visit policy. Therefore allowing the Builder to pocket the built in commission already factored into the pricing.

So before your wheels get spinning….NO , you the builder cannot save or get rebated any commission if not using a representative. You are not entitle to commission as it is against the law to pay commission to an unlicensed person.


So as yu can see , there is no advantage to not having a professional on your side who has your back on the deal. No hidden fees,+no agenda,no inflated costs,no overpaying,or fear or concernof signing contracts and having future issues.


Call for a confidential consultation to see how we can save you thousands of Dollars in todays market


Kathi Soprano Russo

REMAX Excellence

Las Vegas, NV


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